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A Word Game That Will Make You Go...BANANAS!!!


   This game is one of the resident's FAVORITES here at The Village. You may be wondering..."How do you even play this game?" Well...this word game involves arranging one's randomly selected tiles into a grid of connected words, faster than you opponents, and then shout "Bananas!"

   Here at The Village, we put our own little twist on the game. At times, our residents like to race to see who can get done the fastest, but when that is not the case, we allow time for each player to finish their grid. Our twist is, when everyone has completed their grid, we take turns coming up with our own silly sentences with the words that we have created in our grid. 

   Come join us for a time of tiles, fun, and...GO BANANAS with us!!!


Tuesday Jul 16th, 2019 03:30 PM – 05:00 PM


The Village at Luther Square
149 West 22nd St
Erie, PA 16502

Village at Luther Square

149 West 22nd St. 
Erie, PA 16502