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Who is VALS?

Happy CoupleThe Village at Luther Square (VALS) tries to do everything possible to make the transition of joining our community an easy one for both resident and family. Our Social Services Department offers in-depth facility tours to fit your schedule. We are responsive to your emergency needs, as well as, in the event that you need to place a loved one with us on short notice for respite care also.

VALS is committed to transitioning a resident back home as quickly and safely as possible through various transition methods.

VALS has invested over $1,800,000 striving to create a home-like atmosphere for our residents, where family and friends are encouraged to visit and become part of our community. Our trained staff offers expertise in many areas of medical and social services to meet the needs of our residents.

The Village at Luther Square since 1906 has endorsed a nondiscriminatory policy as to its operations, such that it shall operate without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, handicap, or payor source. As a result, VALS has welcomed generations of residents into our holistic care environment.

How can you help me?

Rehabilitation Wellness Center

VisitingThe Village at Luther Square’s $1,800,000 remodeling process provided for a new rehabilitation wellness center to help improve physical condition and teach residents how to maintain it! On-site therapy programs include:

Physical Therapy to help Residents maximize their potential physical abilities.

Speech & Hearing Therapy to help residents reach their maximum level of communication skills.

Restorative Therapy to assist the Resident in maintaining or preserving the highest level of physical and cognitive function.

Occupational Therapy to assist Residents in regaining and/or maintaining the motor skills needed for daily living.

How can proper medical care help get me home?

handsThe Village at Luther Square is licensed & certified by the PA Department of Health for participation in Medicare & Medicaid Programs.

Medical care at VALS starts with our board certified gerontologist Medical Director, and is delivered and tracked by an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals trained to provide the highest possible level of care planning and services.

Parts of your care plan may include:


Respite Care Services

Provides a short stay for an elderly parent or relative. When you are unable to do so yourself, you can rest assured that your family member will be safe and cared for in a professional manner.

What other transition tools does VALS have?

The Village at Luther Square is home to LIFE-Northwestern Pennsylvania

LIFE-NWPA is centered around a successful model that "it is better for the health of seniors with chronic care needs to be served in the community, if possible."

The difference between LIFE and waiver programs is LIFE approaches care from a holistic standpoint. An individual care plan of services is based on specific needs and can change as conditions warrant to keep the participant living IN THIER OWN RESIDENCE as long as safely and medically possible.

FamilyIf you or your loved would like to arrange a visit to The Village at Luther Square, find out about LIFE-NWPA, or need help navigating the system please contact: